Tom Tom

Choice between tomtom 1 v2 or tomtom go 510.
Is the 510 worth the extra cost over the tomtom 1 v2?
The 510 has fixed/mobile camera database pre-loaded,can this be added to the tomtom 1 v2,how much does it cost?

the 510 can be used as a hands free kit aswell as a navigation unit all tomtom devices can take custom points of interest i think iits around 60 euros per year or you could use the cameras from the link in my signiture tomtom cameras dont seem to do many updates we update usually 2twice a month at the moment

Alix,do you recommend getting the 510 rather than the one v2?
Had a quick look at your site last night,looks good.

the application works in the same way the onev2 is smaller and will fil in your pocket easier also there are 3rd party mounts for it the go 510 hand the added function of a bluetooth hands free kit. its really wheather you want the hands free bit or want it to fit in your pocket easier

both will do the job as well as each other

our boss bought us tom toms I got the go 510 and our other driver got a tomtom 1 mine is great for maps and the size of the screen etc but the windscreen mount has worn considerably and the unit wobbles a lot and keeps asking me if i want to connect to computer… aaarrrggghhh.
whereas my mate has had no trouble at all with the 1.
in all fairness though we do drive 4wheel tippers and they don’t half bounce about and the 510 is a lot heavier than the 1. in the smoother ride of an artic it might well be better

how long ago the mount maybe faulty you could send you old one back to tomtom and gety one on warrenty or go to halfalds and buy a new mount