Tom Tom sat nav with traffic alerts

I’ve used a standard Tom Tom for years and I like it a lot. Anyone use one with the traffic alerts tell me what they’re like. Subscription price and sat nav price would also be a help.

Can be handy, but also can be stupid.

If you plan a route from Manchester to London, and there’s an accident on the M1 or M40 for example, it’ll route you around it, even though you’re 4hrs away…

If something happens whilst you’re on route, or you just do local work, can be really handy, but the radio works too :wink:

Our Renault vans at work have that system fitted. In a word, awesome. Don’t drive vans anymore at all, but that system can really get you out of trouble. Such a shame it’s part of the vans’ standard kit. Goes where you’d have an interior mirror and doubles as a display for the stereo.

If it was “rip-outable” there would be one in my cab.

I have an app on my phone delays but will be replacing sat nav soon so just thought I’d ask.

2 types of traffic alerts with tom tom

HD traffic , now called tom tom traffic requires an annual subscription (not available to all tom toms)
TMC-RDC , one off charge about 50 quid for a charger ,info comes through the charger , not as good as HD traffic, suffers from poor updating , signal problems and weather conditions but can still be useful and give you good information on closures and how long delays are futher on up the motorway
it may ask you to accept diversion or you can make your own route if delays are bad

this is the best sat nav in the world Lash and ideal for you … avigation/