Todays challenge - Identify this truck

I’m a member of a facebook group for my local area and I poster this picture on there.

We’ve been trying to guess the year of the picture by trying to identify the lorry on the left hand side. I suggested it may be an ex-army bedford judging by the twin rear axle and sideboard flat back body but we’re aren’t 100% sure on that. That would date the picture to a time around maybe 1945-1950.

Any suggestions? Name that truck!

thanks guys

I don’t think it is a Bedford, certainly not an O Series. It has a look of a 1937 Commer N5 but obviously not with 3 axles. I say that because of the curved shape of the lower edge of the windscreen and the flatter roof sections.

I could be wrong BUT I think its a horse and probably called Dobbin

Big Dorris:
I could be wrong BUT I think its a horse and probably called Dobbin

naah that’s herculese driven by harold :smiley:

might be a bedford w-type with an extra axle added,or perhaps an austin k6?

Bedford W from the thirties, probably with a home-fitted tag axle.

Definitely a military configuration with the axles, it doesn’t resemble anything English, I doubt its American because of the squared window, possibly German though.

It resembles the Ford Sussex 6 wheeler IMO, Regards Larry.

thanks guys, I’m leaning towards the Bedford W type.
Here’s one I found on the internet…

Look at the windscreen shape, matches the one on my image.

The Sussex didn’t have the squareish shape to the door window that the one in the pic has, also the front mudguard sweeps back to form a step for access to the cab whereas the Sussex has a round mudguard and flat step. :slight_smile:

I think that might well be what it is Mr Dunbar. Fordson with a sussex axle conversion. Do we know what model of Ford they are? or are they known as Ford Sussex?

mid 30’s Fordson BB with a trailing axle conversion ?

I reckon it’s a Bedford with an aftermarket rear axle. My old chap drove the same model (W-series) with a livestock container during the war. He had a photo of it at one time but it got chucked along with all the other interesting ones when he lost some of his marbles in later life.

Hiya…i would say its a Ford model AA. look how the door curves at the bottom. the bedfords are slab sided.
i would say its earlier than 1950, look at the shadow on the road, i’d say its perhaps 1645 maybe 1700… (sorry).
intresting photo to look at

I reckon its a Ford BB with 6 wheel conversion; Ford Fordson same
animal, I doubt its ex army vast majority of Army trucks of that era had
canvas cab tops, The BB was built 1932 -35 .


Some more of my great uncle Isaac,s fleet, At his Blucher Depot, Regards Larry.

My first reaction was to say ‘Armstrong Saurer’. After doing a little bit of reading, I’m still thinking along those lines.

More likely a Fordson Surrey, they were 6x2 as the pic seems to show, the Sussex as in Larry’s pics were 6x4, these factory approved conversions were carried out by County Commercial Cars Ltd. It has the classic Fordson screen and wing shape, the cab which had the same styling as the Ford Y Type car and was known as the Model 51 and came out around 1935, which may put the photo around late 30’s. Probably not the War years as it would have had White markings around the wings (for Blackout) and headlights masked. Franky.