Tm logistics ltd

tm logistics are looking for drivers in my local area but i can’t find any info on them any help please?

i presume you are on about taylors of martley■■?
i used to be a subbie for them years ago out of sherburn it was a good job they certainley run you from one end of the country to the other it was a job i enjoyed and at the time the money was average for the jobs in our area ( leeds ) the only problem was if you tipped in the london area they always ran me into southall near heathrow for a load of empty cans :imp: :imp: :imp: even if it was lunchtime they would send you there to load for 9am the next morning and that was their own drivers aswell.
the one thing i wasnt keen on was the 16ft trailers ive had a couple of arse tickling moments on a windy day with those but all in all a good job.

In Coventry, one of their jobs is JIT to Ryton from across the road with bumpers and spoiler kits which Transalliance bring from France