TK MAXX truckers

how come i don’t get called out to the TK MAXX truck drivers?
they look a lot better than the usual suspects we have to get going again. :smiley:

on a serious note,it’s about time trucks were cast in a positive light on tv. adverts…well done TK maxx…loads better than those LENOR tossers.

Yeah they are kinda easy on the eye. Nice

Are the ones in the adverts really the drivers??


i hope so… :smiley:

Are you sure the advert is actual video of the trucks or just computer generated imagery… :question: :question: :question:

I feel sure that DHL used to run them out of Hatfield. :question:

If that is / was the case I’m surprised by the OP. :laughing:

yes,i know it’s tongue in cheek on the driving side…but a good ad,nice looking trucks even though they are standard(just very shiny),same goes for the ‘girl’ drivers. :smiley:

reading the other replies i get the feeling i maybe in the minority who saw the advert in the middle of ‘britains got talent’…look out for it -you won’t be disapointed.

here it is

H&S would have a field day over this - no PPE! :wink:

Are those stilettos with steel toecaps■■? :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: