muckaway tippers pics and stories 1980s thanks

when my dad was working for a well known irish civil engineering firm in the mid eighties,
he had to get rid of a load of muck on the way home so he could load tarmac in the morning,but it was late and the tips were shut.
using his “initiative” he tipped in a gateway on an old disused brickworks at ridgemont,beds, where the amazon warehouse is now.
as he shot the load off he noticed the old iron gates were open,and as he tore off down the road he saw a police car driving round inside the old brickworks that he’d just blocked in !!

cheers for reply new an irish lad when he was
flytippingin his Bedford tk was in that much
hurry he for got to pull the tailboard pin over
she went

the same irish firm as above ,all the lads were waiting in the pub one friday for their wages(my old man included),the agent(who decided to borrow a lorry) staggers in very late,covered in muck-he’d been caught by a copper fly tipping 3 or 4 ton,made him load it back on!! best bit is he did’nt even have a shovel,just a seven inch graft!!

that’s a top story I have worked for
many irish firms around Manchester
great men

Tippertom Did you work for O Sullivans or Dwyers at all in the 60/70s.

no bit to young but did know of them
dwyer had fords albions sulivan had maggies dem o man

I didn’t either I wasn’t born :slight_smile:

cheers for that arethey a good outfit