Tippers and Tachos

Firstly hi to everyone on here. I occasionally have a browse on here and have gained some useful knowledge from just reading other peoples threads.
I’m not exactly a newbie, I have been driving for about 7 or 8 years now.
My situation is that I have been offered a driving assesment on Thursday with a well known tipper company. I won’t have any 'problems with the driving side of things but im not very familiar with the tipping controls in the cab. Ie. Where’s the PTO. Or the switch to move the curtain cover? I guess the lever for the body is fairly obvious? As you may have gathered, i don’t have any experience driving tippers.
Also, on a different note, digital tachos!! I have the card but I’ve never had to use it ( the company i work for are tacho exempt). So again, is that fairly straight forward? Many thanks for any replies in advance.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It will be an assessment to check your driving skills. I suspect the operation of any equipment would be covered by an induction if you got the job, especially if it’s a large well known company.

There are online tacho simulators where you can practise your digi card entries. Someone else will probably post a link to one soon.

Thanks Lee, if it’s just a driving assessment then, fingers crossed I should be ok. i’ll check out youtube to see if there is any info on digi tachos. Cheers mate.

Hi saturn. Ive the same problem with tacos. I got my digi card yestrday still looking work though applyed for most companys around were i live. Ive put post up myself and people have give me good advice. Just flick down all these pages look for tacographs threads. Ive one about TACOGRAPHS AND FERRIES. dwn this page mite be use to you also. Good luck bud :smiley:

Thanks davy, I’ll have a look. Good luck with your job hunting. Whereabouts are you from? There maybe someone on here who knows of some work going in your area. Thanks again.

tachopak.co.uk/news/tachogra … simulator/
both are simulators
Knock yourself out

No props saturn mate. Im from county antrim .ireland. Thanks mate. Ive tryed nearly everybody. Leaving cv.s in etc. Ill just keep knocking doors mate until sombody answers :laughing:

Thanks Nick, I’ll have a bash at those. See if I can make any sense of it. Might take a bit of practise though!!!

That’s how I landed my first driving job davy. I didn’t bother with cv’s ect. Just went round industrial estates looking for places that looked like they had several lorries running out of their yard and knocked on their doors. I landed a job after 2 days. Turns out 1 guy was leaving the following week and they were about to advertise!! Right place right time. Good luck mate.

Thanks saturn mate. Ill just keep trying and hope sombody answers. Good luck with job mate. Hope goes well bud :smiley:

The PTO button will be somewhere on the dash and the controls are normally next to the seat on the floor, its just an up and down lever with a lock collar type thing.

The sheet will either me electric or manual, electric one will need to be plugged into the unit with an anderson lead and then there is a button somewhere on the side of the trailer, press to open and close, its that simple.

Manual ones have straps holding it down which you throw over the side then go up the top and theres a wheel or handle type thing which you can roll it open or close or you can pull it with the straps.

How did you get on? Was it easier than you thought?

I’ve had a go on a tipper, they’re kinda fun :slight_smile: