times change!

well after 6yrs hauling aggregates for a redi mix company in the village I live in its all change again ! :open_mouth: The company I drive for has deceided to put the hauling out to an outside company (next door yard) after running end dumps for 51yrs.
A big change for me as I was the only driver hauling full time and to be honest I made some good friends in the quarry /other redi mix haulers and we all helped each other out if one o us was on the roadside .
I was informed what was going to happen and was given a choice o staying on as redi mix driver (have my card from concrete MB) same money etc)this is what I choose ,leave on good terms to go haul grain,(milage pay ) or go wae my outfit to the new hauler (+$ but no med plan).

I delivered my old girl and the spare outfit after giving them a clean /shine up :blush:said thank you to her for no letting me down :blush: :open_mouth: etc ,parked my new trailer up put the newish unit in storage at back o the shop. delivered the 2 sleeper cab units to a farmer for grain haulage and now I am a rigid driver again !!!.
meant to say we are getting a new fleet of Mack granite mixers over the next 2 years most with manual boxes and mine with M shift auto,so any one up round ste agathe and up on the escarpment look out for #24 wae a wee scots flag in the window. jimmy

Good luck Jimmy :slight_smile:

thanks Pat .its the thought o going up and down the ladder on the mixer/washing out and working for a living again lol…and outside in all weathers :unamused: at least I will lose some weight!

Sometimes bring Nitrogen to Viterra in Ste Agathe and will keep an eye for you Jimmy , hope it goes well

All the best with it :grimacing: