Tilsbury dock

Hi everyone,delivering a jet ski to tilsbury dock this Sunday for a friend bound for Sweden.is it 24/7? Think I should be there around 14:00 and hoping to book it in and just leave it there on its trailer,should it be be pretty straight forward? Thanks.

Ask again but for Tilbury docks and you might get answers :wink:

I can’t answer your question, although I’ve been in many times, it’s always been for containers, so completely different.

Tilbury docks is open 24/7 for access but not all the berths work 24/7 all depends what berth your taking it to if its 4 berth which deals with a lot of exports I think they shut on weekends

Its only the containers parts are open 24/7 like 39 44 is going in a tautliner? or a container box.

If you can find out which berth. Maybe you will get more replies.

You could phone the shipping line, or maybe the Tilbury Dock gate house for advice, If its on a trailer, and your dropping the trailer, you will obviously need a signature, so make sure you have proper delivery notes, with all of the details on, you may even have to pre book the delivery.