Tight reverse any tips

Hi folks any tips on this one got in and out last night but my God it took forever.
You can see the truck driving out of the dark loading area but its actually in reverse now you drive into the loading area which is a dead end then reverse back onto a scissor lift, the scissor lift is sitting where the trailer unit is in photo.
When reversing out you drive forward again and reverse out between the pallets on your right and the lift, the alley walls are maybe 20 inches either side of the unit.
I got out eventually and i don’t know how i then went back to yard stressed out and complaining that if i need to pull my Off side mirror into the window which means im then reversing blind to stop the mirror hitting a wall then surely that’s wrong.

Stop get out and look, rinse and repeat , if there is any one qualified to bank for you use em, if not stop etc etc .
Its quicker to take it careful than do papaerwork etc etc.
Will this be a regular drop ? Don t forget your risk assessment :wink: and keep an note in your diary of the circumstances .
I used to go to a few S hit oles like this , one day a fellow driver came a cropper and was told the usual never been a issue before, threats of disciplinary pay for damage . a couple of us had noted the same issues and our union rep joined in , company changed tune.

To put it different words, to make sure I am understanding correctly

Your truck will be in exactly the opposite direction?
You nose up into a narrow alley and then reverse back, close to and parallel to a wall on your passenger side?

It sounds horrible.
In order to move a trailer a little, you need to move the unit a lot more, we all know that.
It’s easier to put a trailer into a narrow slot than get it out of one. I see the problem.
Looks like a stupid place to put the lift.

Let everyone know that there is very little clearance, just as @teatime says, and try to put the onus on management to deal with it somehow.

If the lift has just been moved to that position who thought of that? Presumably it is a client and not someone your company wants to upset?
Unfortunately company politics (money) will play a big part on what, if anything happens.

Yep its opposite the photo now and the client is one of the largest supermarkets chains in the UK who im working for through a agency so im not really in a position to rock the boat.

Awkward, you do not want to taken off an otherwise decent job?
Ask other drivers at the depot what reporting mechanisms there are. Find out who their union reps are.

99% sure there will be some of way of raising concerns at a big company, and it will be best to" go through the proper channels".

In a tight and badly designed yard, there is little you can do except as said go slow and get help.
If the store staff do not want to stand there in the rain, then maybe they will make more noise than you able to. :grinning:

Thing with supermarket work is they have specific ways of doing things ie each store has a approved method of how to get in and deliver the goods. Most are complete rubbish. speak to the other drivers they should be able to tell you. when you get to the store before you press the bell have a look at the yard and see how it relates to the approved method lastly assuming that is is a maned delivery ask the guy that opens the gate how the others do it.

They may have configured it that way because it is easier.

When you need to get away from a wall, put a bit of bend on and then straighten up. Go back a bit like that and then put more bend on, go straight again.

Obviously you need to get past the lift, so possibly also getting out and looking to see how well you are doing.

Ive been a few times before and tipped with a taillift was a simple delivery point no hassle, they actually moved the scissor lift from a previously simple delivery point to where it is positioned now and supposedly the union have risk accesed it and said the current position is fine.

Cheers for reply, its that tight a alley you can’t get much of a angle to start with thats probably what i ended up doing last night i just can’t remember i was that pi*sed off.

It gets like that sometimes, especially when it seems like people are deliberately putting stuff in your way, making your manoeuvres doubly difficult when they don’t need to be.