This is mine, what's yours?

Motorcycle that is :laughing:.

It’s a honda CB500 sy. 2000 model that I’ve had from new, is economical to run and tours quite nicely. I’ve got the Scottoiler touring kit, just fill it with oil every 10,000 miles and forget it. I seem to put a new chain on every 15,000 miles. Full luggage set all colour matched (sprayed by a friend for far less than the original gear) The bike’s just hit 30,000 miles (I also have a car, although that’s on my Dad’s drive at the moment as it’s costing too much to run in fuel mainly :open_mouth::wink:). That’s mine, just wondered what yours was.

This is my Suzuki DR800S, often refered to as a DR BIG. This is the the bike that will take me to the Midi-Pyrenees a few times this summer whilst I am looking for a place to buy. As the largest single cylinder bike ever produced it has a '‘character’ all of it’s own!! :wink:

This is my Suzuki DR350 and is a cracking bike. I know the engine won’t last forever (they never do on these) and they are not usually an ‘economic repair’ but it is still a brilliant all-rounder. I have competed in a couple of Enduro’s on this bike where it ‘held its own’ amongst ‘better’ bikes. All round, a great fun bike!! (Sorry the image is so large!! :blush: )

The plan is to replace the 350 with a Yamaha WR 250 or 450, depending on which I can handle better (i’ve got a long term shoulder injury which was fixed with 5 titanium screws and is only just getting anywhere near ‘normal’). I’ve done a few laps of a circuit on the WR 250 and it is ■■■■ hot!!

I’ve also got a classic (Suzuki GT500B, 1976) awaiting a full restoration but where i’ll find the time, who knows?!! :blush:

this was mine until last month… sob :angry:

this was mine untill recently :cry:
the good thing is i sold it to my brother :laughing:
i still get to play on it, but with the costs of ownership :wink:

This is my current bike. Its parked up in the garage at the minute with a puncture.
The tyre was brand new last Saturday picked up a nail with less than 40 miles on it. :cry: :cry:

My favorite two fifty. Had this screamer for a couple of years.
70bhp at the back wheel with the Arrow cracklers and a racing ignition.
Did a few trackdays with it scared myself and embarassed a couple lads on bigger machines.