This could be fun

Not sure how accurate it is give that its source is the Daily Mail… … ters_57647

There was a topic on a well know trucking forum quite recently about this.

Something like the Driving Professionals Forum

Regarding the technology that ‘reads’ speed limit signs…

What about the “50 MPH in 3/4 mile” signs? They use a standard red circle image on the yellow background!

Down right dangerous.
police chases would be fun. 10 mile overtake one at 70mph and the police at 70.5mph :laughing:

Can’t see it happening in this country, think of all the revenue speed cameras would lose out on :laughing:

Shouldn’t think it would be to hard to fiddle.

Don’t think it’ll happen like this, but convinced we’ll have satellite tranceivers fitted at some point in new cars, the reason being anti terrorism as usual.

That way they can track your car movements and tie them in to your mobile phone for confirmation/discrepancies, and to help with the system cost send you a bill for all the speed limits you’ve broken in the billing period.

Course the terrorists won’t have a receiver and their phones will be disposables.