Third time...Grr

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Completely agree Berwick1. I have a feeling the young kids who put this site together have no interest whatsoever in trying to get their heads around the fact most of us are long beyond retirement age. I couldn’t get back in as ‘sandway’ as I had forgotten my old email address so I have had to rejoin using my new address and a new name. I know very few of us like change, even more so as you get older but I have the feeling I shan’t be participating in the new Trucknet unless I get some help in how to navigate the site. At present I don’t know how to get to the last post on the Promotor thread and so far my hundreds of photos seem to have disappeared. COME ON TRUCKNET. REMEMBER THIS SITE IS FOR US NOT YOUR WIZZ KIDS TO PLAY AROUND WITH. FROM A DISGUSTED, sandway.

Is this helpful?

Does that get you there? Seems like some “photobucket” links are working but some photos seem to have gone MIA.
From the start of a thread there is a small pale blue cursor you can drag down rapidly to get to the end. If there is a topic with recent replies then I tried clicking onto the number of replies, that expand to show the first and last reply so clicking on whichever you want gets you there.

Depending on where photos were hosted before will depend if they are still available now.

If they were hosted on trucknet they should have been copied over, if hosted elsewhere not on trucknet they might be missing.

Hiya Brian,
I entirely agree with your sentiments ! This new TN site is completely alien to me although I did just manage to post and record my feelings about this change ! So unfortunately I’ll not be attempting to participate and am voting with my “feet”.
Good Luck
Best regards