Thinking about doing class 1

hello ppl.

i passed my class 2 in aguest -1st time and iv getting a job driving in a drainage company driving vactor tankers and combies i call them ■■■ tankers hahaha anyways im really thinking about going for my class one as soon as i get my money on the arise…

and for anybody who is newley passed dont give up on looking for a job there are some out there just keep trying

… has everybody had a good christmas
& have a happy new year… :sunglasses:

is there any advice on c+e

Usual advice - get a few assessments and do it

Go for it a lot more door will open they did for me so dont just think about it do it

Go for it a lot more door will open they did for me so dont just think about it do it

i will carnt wait :slight_smile:)) i got experiance on class two tankers none adr

The only reason I even sat class 2 training and test was to get a class 1. That was the one I wanted since I was 5. And im glad I did as I love it. But I would only recommend you do the same if you really want to drive artics. There is not always more money to be earned(in fact some class 2 jobs pay more than class 1) and the hours are generally longer. Plus it can be REALLY hard to get a start as a new pass and you will,unless lucky,have to work for companies that experienced guys wont touch. And for peanuts. From basic license to class 1 cost me £2500 so it takes a lot of shifts to make that investment back if your working for 7.50 an hour. Was worth it to me because artic driving was what I wanted. Only you will know if that amount of money is worth it to you.
What I will say though is that with class 1 you generally get longer trips. And for me,nothing beats a 400 mile round trip,esp at night. Just me,the radio and the road. Bliss :smiley:

As above, do it, I only did class 2 to get my class 1, best thing I ever did. On nights, nice and steady, traffic is none existant, love my job and the night shift.

well that was the same plan as me as i had enough money in my savings to do both class 2 and 1 but then i bought a house so im resaving atm