Think I've got a problem

Anyone else sing a superfreight cover of super freak when they see one or is it just me?

No, but thanks to an endlessly played advert on Talksport last year whenever someone’s says “Pogba”, I then immediately repeat “POGBAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” very loudly…

Who is Pogba?

Superfreight cover of super freak,pogbah,what the hell are you two on about,is it secret codes or something,lol

Who is Pogba?

very good at giving penalties away to the Scouse, bin dipping, sub human vermin who we call murderers at old Trafford. :grimacing: I’ve not heard off halewood this year yet! :sunglasses:

If anyone is thinking of taking up his offer in his other post and they read this, I think they might change their mind :wink:
Regards. John.

I’ve just got hours to kill haha. Straight guys can like super freak

Dozy’s arrived then? :grimacing: