There is hope

Passed my class 1 13 days ago and passed my mod 4 cpc a week ago. I was offered a class 1 general haulage job on Friday and confirmed it with them today. I start when I’m back from my holiday in a few weeks.

I’ve knocked plenty doors with cv’s and managed to find a job on the third day of trying! I out a shirt and tie on and tried everywhere I could think of. I was mostly knocked back for zero experience and being 22 so they couldn’t get me insured.

My advice is to get out there. I haven’t applied to a single online job. I went on Google maps and put in key words like haulage or skips and went to every dot on the map, even ones that I know what 3 years experience. The money is reasonable and should go up with time, hours are mixed but I have to take what I can at the moment.

Also, everywhere I’ve been have been really helpful and understanding of the difficult position were in, with a good few shaking my hand saying good luck mate, I admire you for getting out there

Well done youngin , it pays to do a bit of leg work and face to face encounters can sometimes pay dividends , all the best and good luck in your new venture .

Great to hear another success story. Top marks for getting out there and banging on doors. It’s clearly worked for you.

All the best with the new job, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Congratulations on your new job :smiley:

Nice one Carl, you don’t hang about do you? :smiley:

It’s true, the opportunities are there if you get stuck in!

Congratulations and good luck with it! :smiley:

Well done mate.

That’s the spirit and I applaud you and wish you every success with your new job. You certainly deserve it, after all, there’s no luck other than what you make happen for yourself and you’ve made it happen.