There is a God in Heaven!

Passed my Class 1 this morning despite a couple of set backs,

No1- The weather, it could only be described as hurrendous with heavy rain, heavy winds and flooding.

No 2- Getting stuck in the middle of a heard of cows on a narrow country road for nearly 25 minutes which caused the test to over run lasting around 2 hours.

Anyway the actual driving went ok, a few little hick-ups like missing gears, approaching traffice lights too quick and then having to slam on when amber showed, but fortionatley nothing too major went wrong and more importantly I stayed away from them kerbs with the trailor this time which is the reason it went Pete Tong on my 1st attempt.

So I guess its 2nd time lucky for me, I keep having to pinch myself and look at my pass certificate to believe Ive done it and Im not actually still asleep on the night before my test.

Cheers for the support guys!!!

well done Sean…you worked to get that Pass, pleased for ya.

well done mate,glad to hear the news
that you have passed the test,

and what haveyou now in the pipeline…

Cheers Darren and Brit Pete,

Where I go from here is a good question now ? Yes I have a Class 1 licence now but have absolutely 0 experience with Class 2 or Class 1 so I guess some would say the challenge has only just begun?

I guess Ill just have to hope that with Christmas coming up there will be some part time agency work available or somet but who knows■■?

Well done fella… just get signed up with the agencies mate, they’ll find you work :slight_smile:

Well done mate, pleased you got your pass, especially after having a 2 hour test :open_mouth: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

just get signed up with the agencies mate, they’ll find you work

Ill second that, just get signed up with as many as you can :grimacing:

yes that is exactly correct sean sign up
as they require drivers,drivers and more
drivers, just take it easy and do not be afraid to ask
questions, of any kind, all the best mate.

Well done Sean.
Feels good dont it :smiley:

well done mate!!!

there not much room on this cloud today though is there. (i passed today too)

Well done Sean H, now get down t’pub with DJNav! :laughing:

Great news well done to both of you. :laughing: :laughing:

Wow!!! U must have been feeling it after 2 hours!!! Well done on the pass mate, looks like you earned it :slight_smile:


Hey cheers for the comments and support you lot, too many of you to name one by one but your all ace and reading all your posts on your similar experiences has really helped me.

NJDAV welldone matey, it feels amazing doesnt it? A pitty we couldnt take Rob K’s advise and get down to the pub for a well earned pint or 10 cause we live too far apart :laughing: but nevermind, Ive just been to my local for a few anyway :wink:

Again cheers for the support everyone!

well done mate 2 more class 1 truckers :smiley: bet it feels great good on you both :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Wel done for passing - know what a long test is like when I did mine we got stuck in a traffic jam in York as there was emergency gas works. Took about 2 hrs as well and I was convinced I had failed.

Congrats on your pass!
All the best for the future.

Wel done to both of you,no mean acheivment these days. Don’t be afraid to ask other drivers for help/advice cos we all been there.
i been on the road nearly 40 years and still get nervous when i start a new job.
not sure wether i will stick at driving though,will give it a year or two just to see if i like it. lol

well done seanh and NJDav :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
good luck with the job hunting.

well done mate,
best advice i can give for you is too sign onto agency cause this time of year you will get a fair bit of work, i was working for woolies two weeks after passing my class 2 in september 2003. you also have the advantage of having class 1 as well, work dried up for me after the chrismas period cause agency gave the good work to class 1 drivers to keep them on board, i worked on bins round chester for a bit then got a permenment job for a place in e/port then worked up to class 1 from there. just take it easy at first mate, dont run bent for anyone as its your licenece at the end of the day and above all dosent matter what moter you drive as long as the wages are good :laughing: good luck

Cheers all :wink:

Very nervous about the thought of my 1st job whatever it will be, in fact Im more nervous about the thought of that than I was about my tests :open_mouth: but I wont be afraid to ask experienced drivers for help even if I make a fool out of myself.

wirralpete Ive took your advice and Ive emailed every agency in North West England I could find on Google.

Again cheers everyone :smiley: