Theory tests booked

Well for the second time (first time passed but now expired) I have booked my multiple choice, hazard and driver cpc. The ball begins to roll once again, this time however I will continue on and do practical and looking forward to the journey. My aim is to pass cat c and move straight on to do c+e. Just one question, if you book onto a residential course and you fail, what is the usual practice for rebooking test?

I can only speak for the way we do it. As a rule there is no need for more training; we have few fail but those that do have done something daft on the day. So we discuss what travelling time is needed from home to centre and plan the test and warm up to suit. It’s rare that an overnight is required and we do all we can to make it as smooth as possible.

Thankfully, this is a matter that doesn’t crop up too often!

Pete :laughing: :laughing: