Theory test

Hi all,

Looking for a wee bit of help here regarding booking theory tests. I checked my online driving licence and it is now showing my Cat C provisional so I can now book my theory. Went on to have a look at dates and the closest one is 4 weeks away.

Does anyone know if training company’s have prebooked slots they hold and can get you in sooner ?

Also just while I’m here, do training company’s like you to have your card before they give you an assessment drive or will they be happy to check online ?

Thanks in advance.

There is a very poor pre-booking system that we don’t use. (We are working with Pearsons and DVSA to perfect a better system at the moment). So 4 weeks is not bad - get it booked.

We would take you for assessment having done an online check provided you can prove ID. (eg passport). But each individual trainer will have their own view on this.

Hope this helps, Pete :laughing: :laughing:

You could try expanding the location search online to see if other test centres have earlier dates. Also you might get luckier if you take the tests on different dates.

Most trainers will be happy to take you out for a trial drive with the licence printout and another form of ID although your licence will arrive in a day or so if the entitlement is showing.

Thanks for replying guys, will probably just book the one in 4 weeks and just book my mod 2 for that day too.

With regards to the assessment drive I will phone a couple of places and see what they say. My entitlement showed online yesterday so might even wait till Tuesday when I’m off again.