Theory Test Study

hello again guys. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on the best book/CD ROM to help me revise? :smiley:

You will want the dsa book which is the official
theory test for drivers of Large Vehicles Book
and there is some hazard perception discs.
The dsa one is £20 I think but you can get one
called focus from morrisons for about £5 which
I used.

Good Luck :smiley:

Thanks for the advice convoy. :slight_smile:

Do you mean morrisons the supermarket?! :open_mouth:

Remember that the LGV theory test is different to the car one (different questions), so you can’t just go and buy any theory test book, it has to be an LGV one. AFAIK, the only one around is the official DSA one. It’s a bit pricey, but worth it.

For the HPT, I took mine before it existed, so I can’t help. Sorry.

Another thing, don’t they keep revising the test, so ensure you get an up to date copy.

Thanks for the advice guys. :smiley:

Also, I have heard that there is a mock test you can do online, does anyone have a link?



Thanks mrpj!

Yes morrisons supermarket.
Also Jayhoe post might help you … ght=#69453

or get on ebay and buy yourself a used up to date copy.

I flogged mine as soon as i passed. Got about £4 for it. :open_mouth:

Hi Toploadertom.
I have just passed my theory test. I used the books that the otner guys have posted about and also the Official Hazard Perception DVD 15 notes WH Smiths. Also found the Focus DVD very useful as it has a lot more clips than the official one and also tests, was about 9 quid at Tesco’s.
I found that the practice I did on the focus DVD really helped me during the real test. After having studied both of the books and making notes of the bits I found hard to remember I was a little surprised at the real theory test as there were only two questions that I would have had to refer to the book for as most of them were common sense. I would also reccommend a copy of the Highway code just to brush up on roadsigns.
All the best for your study and test.

Thanks for all the advice guys. Oh, Ant got myself a copy of the highway code. Surprising how you forget the odd thing after a few years of passing your test! :laughing:

Also found out that I have been breaking the law almost everyday by driving a 3.5t van at 60mph on a single carriage way! :open_mouth: (limit is 50?!)

Also found out that I have been breaking the law almost everyday by driving a 3.5t van at 60mph on a single carriage way! :open_mouth: (limit is 50?!)

Yep, 'fraid so. Not a lot of people know that…

To be fair though i doubt there are many police that know it either! :laughing:

Always worth having a flick through the highway code once in a while and when they bring out updated ones. Of course there are always those who assume they know everything and are arrogant enough that they dont think they need to! :unamused:

If you have a look on the website there are a couple of mock theory tests you can do. most are just common sense!

I’m in the midst of preparing something for the forums which includes the Theory Test, so rather than type it all out again, I’ll cut and paste it.

The first part of the test is the MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and, as the name suggests, entails you being presented with questions followed by a number of answers. The ‘bank’ of questions (and answers) is readily available and, providing that you study sufficiently, a score of 100% is achieveable.

Technique here is quite simple. There will typically be two answers that are obviously wrong. Which leaves one answer that is nearly correct, and the correct answer.

What is important here is to READ the question. You don’t get half a mark for identifying one correct option when the question is asking you to identify 2, or 3, options. You get zero.

The time allotted is more than adequate and you have the opporunity to review (and amend) all of your answers.

The second part of the test is the Hazard Perception Test. This takes the form of a number of video clips where the ‘contestant’ has to respond to one or more developing hazards. The word contestant has been chosen deliberately as it is little more than a video game.

As an already experienced driver you probably consider that your are already well prepared to identfy hazards as they develop, and you probably are. However, the essence of obtaining a pass mark is to click the mouse within, what is referred to as, the ‘scoring window’. Too early, and you risk scoring nothing. Too late, and the score diminshes. Too many clicks (rythmical clicking) and you risk scoring zero.

New Driving Instructors have been required to pass this test for some time and now existing (and experienced) Instructors are required to pass the same element. Many are finding it extremely difficult and, in some cases, their livelyhood is under threat.

For advice on how to prepare for the test read their experiences here,


I hope that helps.