Theory / Hazard tests


Bit off a strange question but is it possible to make 2 bookings for either the hazard or theory?

I have mine next week and not sure I will pass the hazard 100% so thought I could make a second booking and cancel it if I actually pass the first time?

Any feedback?

No - regretfully you can’t. I tried to have a back-up just in case but their system only allows you to make 1 booking (for both Theory & Hazard Perception) at a time. Fortuantly, I passed both on the same day - be positive, I’m sure it will be ok!! Just make sure you have done your homework on the tests… :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep practicing, I can’t remember what the minimum pass requirements are since I did mine. If you don’t think you are ready you may be able to move your date forward but they need so many days’ notice’ to allow this so you don’t loose your fee. Phone them up and ask them , they can tell you correctly.

If you can’t do that , then get yourself learning & practicing as much as possible to get your pass. If you fail I think you have to leave a few days before you rebook the tests.

Is it 85% for theory and 62% for hazard perception? Few years since I did mine, but those figures ring a bell.


Got 96/100 Theory

47/50 CPC Mod 2

65 / 100 for Hazard - Fail :frowning: Pass Mark was 67. Would seem I clicked too early on a few as got some with zero.

Annoying as I always get 5 or 4 for each clip on the practice dvd. Although have just ordered another dvd to try some different examples.


I’ve had the same problem in practicing for the Hazard Perception. Those ‘0’ scores really kill you.
I was hoping that me knowing the problem and maybe putting an extra ‘safety’ click in, along with the change to the CGI style of test, would help me squeeze through it when the time comes.

GL next time.