THE wrong way to save fuel--or SMART HITCH-HIKER

The press in the UK has just printed the report about a accident that happened last week here in GERMANY;unfortunatly they have not printed
what happened correctly as the following is what was printed in more thanone of the german papers,

A lorry driver was on the motorway when the afore mentioned SMART came
from the right to join the motorway,according to the driver of the lorry,he
did not see the car at all,all he heard was a noise which he thought at the
time to come from haveing a tyre problem,as he had no chance of stopping due tothe fact that where he was traverling the motorway did not have a emergencey lane where he could safely stop and check out the problem,So he carried on to the next exit all the time he stated he did not see any part of a vehicle or hear any thing untold.
when he did stop he was shocked to seewhat he had in front of his lorry
NOTE:: It was also posted on a german trucker site that another member
had a workmate who was involved in a accident like the one mentioned above but the car was a fiesta and the police dealt with the accident
as normal .The main point from this type of accident brings again the
very large problem that we as lorry drivers have with the "“BLIND SPOTS”
ON THE LORRY: We need to have either a camera ,mirror or a movement detector to help us improve the overall safety aspect that
covers these areas,

er, I don’t quite understand! was the Smart embedded in the front of the lorry ?

yes, hitching a lift, saving on fuel :wink: :wink: :laughing: .

We have it as a Smart Fortwo & that it had been pushed for 2 miles.

maybe he will go out and buy a real car with the insurance money :laughing:

hang on. you say that the trucks need extra mirrors or cameras! it seems that whether the truck driver had seen him or not, that car was joining the motorway whatever. if the car driver can’t see 50 foot of artic, he or she shouldnt be on the road. the driver shouldnt just drive into a truck expecting it to move, and fitting extra mirrors will give car drivers a reason to blame the truck driver. “he has all those mirrors, why didnt he use them so he could have seen me”.
this is a major problem in the uk, traffic on sliproads must give way to traffic already on the road they wish to join.

ROADHOG; in holland when you fit extras that improve the safety aspect to do with the vehicle and transport, you get a grant to help cover some if notall of these costs incurred, I have seen in early years where drivers have themselves fitted extra mirrors in one case in the sunvisor fitted on
the cab this was used to check the front area and to the side which are on of the big blind spot areas. YES if it will save just one life then lets get it passed and made law to improve the overall safety.

That’s alright in Holland Pete.But here in Britain i don’t think our industry get’s such a grant from the goverment. :confused:

That’s alright in Holland Pete.But here in Britain i don’t think our industry get’s such a grant from the goverment. :confused:

In Uk they are more likely to demand you fit safety devices and then tax you for doing so :unamused:

Personally, I find no problem with a blind spot mirror fitted accordingly.