The working day on LGV

Back in the day when I drove class one, much of it supermarket stuff for Safeway, Sainsburys, Tesco, M+S etc, we had some pretty long days. Working days, I mean. It wasn’t unheard of to do the fifteen hours driving PLUS other off-road stuff which wasn’t necessarily recorded on the tacho from what I remember.

Ok, so my memory’s hazy on all this, but I distinctly remember being paid for more hours than I actually drove much of the time.

Now I have had a chance to skim read the current rules on drivers’ hours, I get the impression that nowadays you guys have to do the job in hand, and if you haven’t you are forced into having nights out. How you do that with a day cab is clearly going to be difficult.

Have truck driver’s working days been curtailed since I last drove, do you think?

You seem to have the same rules about 9 hour driving time, extendable twice a week etc., but I sure get the impression that your overall working day has been cut short somewhat.

This true?