The Sat Nav Made Me Do It !!!!!

Quote from Shropshire Star newspaper…
A lorry driver crashed into a wall at a historic church in Shrewsbury today after his satelite navigation system TOOK HIM DOWN THE WRONG ROUTE.
Im not using mine again if its going to “take me places i dont want to go” … urch-wall/

I knew it wouldn`t be long until we had something to control the vehicle instead of a driver :imp: open your eyes ffs Mr Watts of Melrym Transport in Merseyside

Why do so many people blame their tools for their mistakes??

The driver doesn’t seem too bothered about it as he is seen posing for a photo (picture 3 in the gallery).

Personally I would be keeping a low profile

Paul Watts, evidence that care in the community doesn’t work. :wink:

It’s unbelievable really isn’t it, this bloke mounts a pavement, damages a wall then blames the sat-nav for sending him down that road, and as if that’s not enough, he then poses for a picture so everyone can recognise the idiot :unamused:



That’s a little unfair, to ■■■■. :wink:



That’s a little unfair, to ■■■■. :wink:


Massive ■■■ that cant drive to save his life, or watch the road getting smaller instead of a sat nav screen.

Not Mammary, they are lovely!

What a load of Bollox…slow news day or what!!!
This is just another dig at the haulage industry. NO one in there right mind would say ‘The sat nav took me into this wall’
For Gods sake guys (no pun intended) the crappy paper is doing him like a kipper, making out that all lorry drivers are thick as pig ■■■…Tell them to ‘Getefa ya basat’

should have gone to specsavers :smiley: :smiley:

Theres only one thing I can say…