The proper job!

i have read in trucking magazine over the past few months some features on wide load movements and noticed that some of the ■■■■■■ vehicles do not cut the mustard, they don’t meet the highways agency standards.
i could understand this if we were looking at companies that didn’t rely on the movement of abnormal loads for a business but one of them actually spacialised in it and the wide load ■■■■■■ vehicle was a complete disgrace, it had 1 flashing beacon instead of 2, the rear had only a small amount of reflective chevron and the side had the company name emblazoned along it.
this months edition carries a story from the trade plater guy about middlebrook transport and shows the ■■■■■■ vehicle they use and once again it fails to meet the highways agency standard, at first glance this is plainly obvious, the back window has no reflective chevrons.
you would think that with the amount of money these companies invest in equipment to transport wide loads they would at least ensure that they met the correct standards for the ■■■■■■ vehicles too.
with this in mind i came across this little gem HERE

it looks like a fantastic business opportunity for someone and at a very reasonable price too, with all the vehicles out there that don’t meet the stanards required one has to wonder how long before an inspection of said vehicle and a register is of ■■■■■■ vehicles is required.

for more information on what is required for a wide load ■■■■■■ vehicle SEE HERE

JOHHNY; I think this system is much better,and the ■■■■■■ has with the
use of the equipement fitted more control over the traffic on the road,
AS you rightly pointed out a well organised and well trained,firm may find its self have a very good chance of becomeing a good earner for the person or persons who do the job right,
LOOK here at the following site from GERMANY and you will see the very large difference in ““■■■■■■”” vehicles,

due to my inadequate ( polite word for U/S WITH PC) EXPERIENCE
with the PC please try this out.
you need first the search engine GOGGLE put in search box the following

bf3 ■■■■■■ vehicles

THE first firm to appear should be FASEROPTIK-HOMEPAGE this page has been translated intoENGLISH and if xou have got this far take some time and read the site it has a large amount of intrestingpoints and equipement shown,

and has a good assortment of articles for sale that are used in the work
of the ■■■■■■ VEHICLE

very good but the uk code of practice requires a little more than a van with a flashing light and there is nothing about having a fitted bedroom in the back of the van.
i am trying to get across the fact that a small company is prepared to spend a great deal extra to ensure that their vehicle meets the requirements for self escorting a abnormal load whereas a big company that specialises in abnormal loads and spends hundreds of thousands of pounds on it’s equipment skimps on what is probably now the most important piece of equipment they use.
it must save hours having the ability to self ■■■■■■ a wide load, no more sitting around in laybys at a county border waiting for the police to turn up, the code of practice for self escorting was established between the highways agency and transport operators involved in the movement of abnormal loads and yet still they fail to meet the required standards.
is it any wonder that this industry is probably the biggest legislation maker when it fails to operate under a proposed code of practice in an effort to save a few hundred quid.
the first time that a ■■■■■■ vehicle is involved in an accident and they haven’t followed the code of practice in regards to vehicle markings, we’ll see more difinitive legislation coming in.
licensing and registration of approved ■■■■■■ vehicles and operators.

NO SORRY Johhny, what i was trying to say is that this system of escorts has been the normal thing here in germany for many years and is laid down by germanlaw like in GB how they must be outfitted and it sems we do not have a EU system and ever country has there own way of doing things.the firms over here do have thier wagons which do this work fitted out with all the articles required to do the job and keep the ■■■■■■ happy,
ie, bed,fridge,nightheater,etc etc, some firms convert mobile caravans into
units that can do the job as well, also yes you do have some firms where the
one does not have to have the full equipement go and use the cheapest
method which may some times just be a VW CADDY with the required
equipement as per the law, do not forgetthat majic word PROFIT as
this is what pays the wages,

this self ■■■■■■ is new to us in the uk but you would have thought that the companies involved would have set an example by equipping their vans/■■■■■■ vehicles to the required standard.
instead they just stick a couple of lights on them and a bit of reflective tape and think it’s ok.
since it started you wouldn’t believe the state of some ■■■■■■ vehicles, i’ve seen them with one single flashing beacon on a plain white van with no markings at all.
i’ve seen others with markings but no flashing beacons just a big sign on the top that says ■■■■■■ or wide load.
it’s also a requirement in this country that if you wish to use flashing lights on the highway over a certain speed (15mph i think) then you have to apply to the police traffic commissioner with the vehicle details.
i have to wonder how many companies have done this properly.