The Orange Eyesore has Been Painted!

And it looks a lot better!

Nice looking truck :smiley:

defo looks better, nic e & shiney :sunglasses:

looks smart mate how come it was repainted? apart from it being orange that is :smiley:

You cant make a silk ■■■■■ from a sows ear though :stuck_out_tongue:

It is still a Scania

I like the blue.

Looks very nice but would look even better without the spot lights.

I think it looks good! Is there plenty of lacquerer on it?

How long did it take and how much did it cost?

Looks the business - even better in the sunshine!

In the 1st pic, is that Parris’ dark red scania in the background? And one of HC’s trailers in the yard to the right?

Hope you dont mind me re-posting the crowfield pic, having the gold colour coding was the best idea!

this may seem daft, but where have you hidden the exhaust? if its in the chassis it must be a bit full with the airtanks as well…