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So , who is the oldest haulier in Southampton , Meachers , Pitters , ■■? thats assuming they are still going , lost track of it all now .

TIR or Charlie may know we will wait with baited breath but as Meachers were taken over by Pirelli would they count?

Pitters have been around for a long time too but then so have Lambert Bros, Drake Bros at Cadnam Coal mechants but hauliers too, what about Jock Young?

Sibleys are another old company started in Dyer Road Shirley I believe!

Over to you TIR and Charlie

Regards Pat

Well the oldest one I can remember was Foots.TIR will hopefully tell more. They were going in 1954 which is when I started on the road.However I may be wrong Let’s see :confused: :confused:

The question was asked who is the longest standing haulier in Southampton?
A few firms have been mentioned but I take it that the subject is “General haulage”. That being the case then its a close run race between two companies one of which has not been mentioned. Hills of Botley.
Des Meacher started in the 50’s so we can rule him out, although the company is still running today under the same name so in my mind is the same company that Des started.
Lambert Brothers was originally owned by Fred Lambert who had a yard and warehouse in Malvern Road, Shirley. He ran mainly tippers and on his death the company was taken over by two of his sons Tony and Ray. The third whos name I canot remember was the black sheep of the family took to roaming the world. That also rules them out.
Jock Young (Who I used to work with at Monro’s) won his first licence off my brother in a game of cards in about 1962/3. So that rules him out. By the way since his death the company was sold by his daughter.
Pitter Bros Ltd. Was started well before the 2nd world war when the original Mr. Pitter plied for business with a horse and cart from his premises in West End, Southampton. I’m not sure how many and I haven’t had time to find out but he purchased an amount of motor lorries over a period. When the war broke out his company along with all the others was nationalised. After the war he took delivery of his lorries back from the government and started to trade again also with a fleet of coaches he had built up. This was Coliseum.
The company was run by the three brothers, Reg (Transport). Lou and Ken (Coaches). Reg suffered a stroke in the 60’s and the transport was taken over by his sons Michael and Colin. They are still trading today with various members of the family in various positions. My father drove for them nearly all of his working life right up to his retirement.
Then there is Hills of Botley. I’m sure they go back before Pitters but I dont think that they are trading today but please correct me if I am wrong. I could find out tomorrow with a phone call. If that is the case then I think the prize must certainly go to the Pitter family.
Here endeth the history lesson.

I have made further investigations into my claims and have furnished both Charlie 1 and Ainacs with facts. Although Hills of Botley are still trading (after a fashion), the Pitter empire was actually started in 1899. Although as I stated they started out with a horse and cart, after that they went straight to motor lorries by-passing the steam driven transport. So it’s hats off to Pitter’s, who is still today trading from the original premises ! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Brilliant Nobby I knew someone would come up trumps!!!

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mike,colin,derick and john took over after the death of there father.
derick started commercial components
colin started pitter van hire
john bailed out after divorce and went coach side with coliseum
and big michael is still the main man,although his sons steven and chris have there say !!!
I was always under the impression they started as funeral directors,i remember reading it in one of their old company publicity mags years ago. I grew up with steven and chris and also worked for them for 5 years and may i say what a great family they are… Hats off to there achievements… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: