The new Ford Capri makes it's debut

Have a gander at the new Ford Capri, It looks nowt like the original.

Like the Mustang E.The name is made totally irrelevant on an irrelevant product Makes as much sense as Mercedes calling the AMG E Class a Simplex.
Without factory product support and fuel tax breaks the classic names will die on their correct rightful cars.
Hate to say it but my classic Jaguar looks like it will stay Sorned and then given a decent funeral.It’s redundant in a world of 2 Euros per litre and no decent parts supplies.

Yeah I agree, The Mustang & Capri names should have been left for ICE models only.
I’ve been reading about the next fly in the ointment for petrol/diesel, ETS2 that’s coming in at the end of 2026, The German ETS1 emission traders & analysis are already sending out warnings to EU governments about the state of the ETS2 system, It was supposed to reach €45/tonne, but the analysts are saying it will be nearer €200/tonne before the end of the decade & that will put €4 on a litre of petrol & diesel. :scream:

€45 ceiling ‘a very soft brake’

Other lawmakers share the concern that prices will exceed €45.

“€45 is not a hard limit in the current design, but rather a very soft brake,” Tiemo Wölken, German MEP and coordinator on environmental policy for the centre-left S&D group told Euractiv.

“Current studies […] assume that the price could rise towards €200 per tonne” he said, pointing to research by German think-tank Agora Energiewende.

To avoid “social imbalances”, more money is needed in the EU’s €87 billion social climate fund, which is meant to mitigate the new carbon price’s impact on the poorest, Wölken said.

“It is good to see that Mr Liese now seems to realise what we have already pointed out in the negotiations on the ETS,” he added."

This guys short video explains it & what he says is what I’m reading about it in Europe.

That’s just ridiculous, Capri summons up an image of a particular look, moderately sporty and a bit phallic. That thing looks like your generic SUV.

At least when the name “Mini” was resurrected, the new Mini had a hint of the original Mini about it, this new “Capri” is just a lazy recycling of the name. What next? A new Zephyr or Corsair?

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Same as the mini. Looks nothing like the original one did.
Some things are just beat left alone.
Instead of living/ Trying to recreate the past

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There’s more trouble on the horizon especially for some Stellantis brands that aren’t doing well & are unprofitable such as Jeep, Dodge, Ram. Carlos Tavares Stellantis CEO has said Chinese car manufacturers are wanting to buy some of their brands especially as Jeep went bankrupt in China, He’s already rejected offers for one of their French brands & more recently Alfa Romeo. :scream:
Tavares acknowledged that certain executives advised him to kill some of the group’s brands & rumours abound that some Chinese car companies are circling to land those brands.

Every economic and political policy looks quacks and flies as what’s good for China and China is running this zb show for its benefit.
EV cars and trucks could sort of work given sufficient power and sufficient battery capacity which means an Anglo Saxon design doctrine not an Oriental one.
But the costs of electricity and charging infrastructure and vehicle depreciation will be horrifically prohibitive.
We also need to maintain the option of fossil fuel and ICE and a classic vehicle friendly environment for energy security and good old fashioned fun.

Capri was a great looking car I reckon. That thing is awful.

Yuck. Capri is stylish - not just the car but the island and a lady’s shoe. This is anything but.

In a similar vein (but not quite as awful), a couple of years ago Suzuki announced the all-new Katana:

And here’s the original:

We report: you decide.