The Grand National 2015

So anyone havin a flutter on Saturday
any one just picking name that has some connection ?

I have selected. Rainbow Hunter . the reason my X departed father in law had a boat called Rainbow but the clincher was his surname, it was Hunter so yes I just had to do it so fingers x’d

Never bet on a horse in my life and unlikely to start doing so. No moral objections or anything like that, just never had the slightest inclination.

Will decide in the next hour or so…

My first and only time in a bookies was 45 year ago and I remember winning £20 on a nag called Heroic Lad but today I was randomly playing with a thing on the PC that picks your horses for you and three names came up, Shutthefrontdoor, Rocky Creek and Night in Milan so I got someone to place a bet for me, I shall now go to hell for my evil ways :slight_smile:

Royale Knight
Spring Heeled - prob fall first if in heels

…the last one i bet on had to tiptoe into the stable so as not to wake the other horses .when i went to th races last year,this guy sneaks up beside me and says…do i want the winner of the next race…i had to tell him,no thanks,ive only got a small garden… im better buying a lottery ticket,at least i know theres no chance . :slight_smile:

Haha, my horses came in 5th, 17th an 18th. Think I should stick with muggin ole age pensioners :slight_smile:

ah well no winners so it’ll just be a can tonight

can of beans to go on me toast :laughing:

I can’t believe I missed it !!! , fell asleep after getting home from work this morning :blush: :blush:

We got the second & forth, 50p each way on 14 horses in total-£14 should get about £12 back (Lady V & myself both backed Saint Are @ 33/1 & she backed Alvarodo @ 25/1) RESULT !
Usually I loose the lot. Lol.