Booked me theroy test today for wed 26th of july at 10.30am

4pm on same day got me assessment drive for C licence with 3 counties trainin in a merc atego.

lookin forward 2 the assesment drive not the revenue generating waste of time theroy test

waste of time theroy test

It is not necessarily a waste of time, there is a lot of info to digest. Not all of it relevant to everyone but still worth knowing.

It is a bit weird that you have to learn things that are specific to Class 1 it may be that you stay as Class 2 and never use them, it does however save another theory test which would be a revenue ex.

The hazard perception test is to be honest a bit of a farce for any thing other than a car or motorcycle learner, at this stage you have (or should have) good road sense. I know that you need a higher score, but it just seemed pointless to me.

I dun unnerstend…?

I dun unnerstend…?

:confused: :confused: :confused:

cbhornet3 good luck with the training

Good luck !!


I haven’t got round to the theory test stage yet. I still need to do the medical and provisional application. I have not seen any clips from it, but is the HP section of the test just the same as the car one?



Hi Karl,

the hazard perception is the same as for the cars, but you need a higher pass mark.

I would recommend this DVD, it is done by the DSA and is excellant.


Many thanks for the information JayHoe.
My sister took the theory a few months ago, she had the CDROM of theory and hazard perception. Perhaps, I can maybe ‘borrow’ it from her :wink:


theroy tested past assessment 2 go later om fingers crossed that all goes well training begins in fort nite if not sooner

gd assessment drive had training all booked for cat c startin august the 7th for 5 days

training booked 6 day course starting august the 6th with me test for catorgrey C on august the 11th



C+E Training booked for september

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: congratulations…and good luck for the c&e… :smiley: :smiley:

Well Done!! :smiley:

well done , will be waiting for your next post
when you start in september,

Well done on the pass, and all the best for the future :smiley:



Congratulations and good luck with C+E :smiley:

well done, its the best job in the world

well done on your pass and good luck with your c+e,it’s a wonderful feeling

Didn’t you know what BPH means? Can’t believe it