Hi all, new to this lark, held licence for eight years but its army driving so have no civilian experience. Dont use tachos in the forces, :cry: got my digi card, mostly rigid experience.
The driving is not the problem, its the drivers hours, :confused: work time directive :confused: and everthing in between. The Firm, an agency in Willenhall (west mids) has been recommended to me by family friends. Anyone give me any advice about going with them and any other advice would be appreciated.
Thanks all

welcome to the forum sandman, look up vosa website and you will find all the info you require about hours wtd and many other subjects and all can be downloaded

Drivers Hours and Tachograph Rules

You should also be able to pick up a free copy at any LGV test centre.

:slight_smile: Welcome to TruckNet.

My advice would be to check out the titles of the threads in the ‘Useful Links’ and ‘Safety, Law & Working Time Directive’ forums - there’s lots and lots of very good info. on there!

Thanks all for your help. :smiley: Really good info.