The fatal M25 crash at Thurrock

If you type into Google,“German lorry driver jailed” you will get a few news feeds with the actual footage of what happend in the accident. It does cut out before the polish truck hits out driver and the car in which the poor old fella was killed. I’ve seen it and I am amazed as to how the people in the BMW walked away :open_mouth:
It sounds bad saying this but there really should have been more people killed that day how bad the crash was. The German driver was lucky just to get nearly 5 year in Prison. 20+ hours on duty and nearly 15 hours driving with out a rest!

I seen it the other day when a link to the fella getting jailed was posted, it showed the whole thing, wasn’t nice viewing and I’m in no hurry to see it again. Fella got off lightly at 5 years.