The end of a magnificent era

We all get older and weary. I know it’s time to hang the gloves up and chill. I’m putting Flair up for sale and hopefully My plan to advise new and older trainers this business will help future trainees. In 1983 when I started training I had no idea how much there was to learn about being a trainer.

No trainer knows everything it’s impossible but 2 know most. Peter Smythe and Bob Holder are gods of this game/business. They and me know pretty much everything.

Being in this job for so long I’m still passionate about the pass. When a trainer loses that he’s no longer a trainer.

I’m 58 with a mum with advanced Alzheimer’s. It’s time to change

Good luck John and it’s not easy dealing with someone with Alzheimers, so good luck with that too.

sorry to hear that John, good luck

Congrats on your time spent in the business.
I’m sure a lot of people ‘owe’ you a great deal for the start you gave them.

Unfortunate as to your current circumstances.

Best of luck in the future,

Best of British John. :wink:

I hope you will still frequent this forum to give us your advice …

I hope you will still frequent this forum to give us your advice …

I echo those comments.

Wishing you all the best John

Paul :smiley:

Good luck mate! Just a quick question, has Bob Holder got a brother called Noddy?

I’m pleased you hadn’t taken this hard decision earlier in the year John :wink:

And it was good to see you yesterday in passing, so to speak, with another pair of hopefuls.

All the best & thanks for everything

Hope you can still pop in at times to say hi


Good luck John.

I’m sorry to hear your sad news John,

Let me say thank you for your recent PM about my job application, I’ve been given a chance and it was Craig who I saw in the end not Nina. So I thank you again, sorry it’s not in person but through the power of trucknet :wink: !

As others have mentioned if you have time, keep up with the gossip/comments on here. Trainers/instructors comments are invaluable,

Look after your mum and take care, all the best :sunglasses:

D’ Bear

Sorry to see you go John, thanks for all your help 3 years ago, getting me started on this great !lifestyle. Still enjoying it today :slight_smile:

Good luck pal, as a trainer you have given plenty of good advice …

Good luck for the future and it would be great if you could drop in and share your wisdom now and then. Thanks for your past posts and best wishes to your mum :slight_smile: