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Didn’t think the minimum wage petition had any legs, and neither do the government. Here’s the government response to the bloke who started it.

The link may not work for some as it’s a closed group.

I would think the government response was exactly what most of us expected, I don’t really see how it could have been any different.

Summary on .gov petition page

The Government sets the National Minimum Wage and
National Living Wage rates to protect low income workers.
There are no plans to introduce a rate specifically for HGV drivers.

Click here to read the full response on the .gov petition page

The Government ignoring truck drivers proposals, and all their other needs? :open_mouth:
Who would have thought it eh? :neutral_face:

Right! That’s it!

If they aren’t going to listen to us then I’m going to make a pointless post on an internet forum.

Let’s see how they like that!!!

And I’m going to park in a lay by, ■■■■ in a carrier bag, and chuck it out the window.

And I’m going to turn up at 12:01 to miss an AM delivery just to ■■■■ them off more.

Gosh! Couldn’t see that one coming… I’m putting a fiver on someone with less than 300 posts starting a new topic soon professing their OUTRAGE at how we are all treated!



I’m going to start a petition for McDonald’s workers to not be on national minimum wage :unamused:
Why would the government give a ■■■■…

And I’m going to park in a lay by, [zb] in a carrier bag, and chuck it out the window.

And this with other not so nice misdemeanors associated along with the general public/ governments image of truck drivers means we will always be treated with contempt…