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Sometimes mistakes happen, but I’m not a bad person" says child-killing speeding drunk-driver. No, “bad” doesn’t even begin to describe what you are.

If, like me, you get sick of seeing people who devastate other people’s lives getting off too lightly in the courts, you might like seeing the sizable sentence handed out for this incident. Still short of the maximum he could have gotten, which is Life

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He’s right, sometimes mistakes do happen.

Especially if you have just necked a bottle of vodka, and took your eyes off the road to film yourself doing 140.

Just saw the news report, a pic of a young attractive girl who was killed, a similar age to one of my daughters, and a vid of that beautiful little boy, who was found lying in the grass after being chucked from his baby seat, on the grass verge by a truck driver…how is that going to affect that guy incidentally.

They should throw the key away.
Absolute ■■■■.

He could be out in 8, or whatever the minimum is.
Devastating for the family but you are right, how on earth does that lorry driver recover from that?

With sentences over four years the Parole Board will be involved in determining when he can be released, so yes he could be out in eight and a half years if he keeps his nose clean, but he gives me the impression that he might be the kind of person who would get involved in things where he could lose remission. I would expect that he will “have a difficult time” inside, having been responsible for the death of a child.

My thoughts are with the people who have lost their lives and loved ones. Hope he gets the ■■■■ kicked out of him in jail on a daily basis.

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Good Grief! Those poor souls, what a sorry excuse for a human being. An arrogant POS waster who hopefully gets his comeuppance.

From what I’ve heard, there are ummm… avenues used other than kicking.

The appliance of science works well here; done properly, The Electric Sock should leave no DNA traces:

Requires one clean “football” sock, insert one large rectangular “lantern battery”, and apply the formula below involving rapid centrifugal force in an arc in the desired direction.

Afterwards, remove battery and return to innocuous storage location; wash sock thoroughly.