Happy Thanksgiving to all the ex pat truckers out there and stay safe

PS …to robinhood_1984 very interesting reading your posts on UK jobs for UK drivers and love Lincolnshire sausages

Thanks Flyer, same back to you :slight_smile: I’ve got used to having turkey a month before Christmas now :sunglasses:
I’m off work at the moment with a bad back, staying indoors away from the crappy weather. We’re getting rain up here in the north east instead of snow :confused:


Hi remy, been snowing here for the last 24hrs , where I live we just caught the very edge of it. snow only belongs on Christmas cards, but listening to the news just now it looks like Albany NY also Buffalo NY is going to get some. I think Pat might get some.

Thanks Ray and the same to you :smiley:

Thanks Ray, same to you and everyone on this site.
Believe it or not cold here in Florida today. Had to put a sweat shirt on earlier.

Regards Paul.

Happy thanksgiving chaps the best of health to you and your loved ones ’