Thanks DVLA - 10 years between D4 medicals!

My photo needed renewing on my driving licence so to the Post Office I went …

Claimed that old licence was lost … just in case … but I found it after the new one arrived … walks away whistling …

New photo (ugly sod) taken and PO did everything else all for £24.50p
No ID required as I had DVLA renewal form … I thought something would be needed to be sent for DVLA to issue a new licence but apparently not

Within 3 days my new licence arrives and then I noticed something very odd …
The photo had a 5 year expiry date instead of 10 and more importantly the LGV C and CE expiry dates had changed

My old licence had a LGV expiry of 09/12/2014 and I was subject to 3 yearly eye tests due to Glaucoma in my right eye but the new licence has a LGV expiry date of 09/08/2018

I called DVLA and they stated that due to the EU directive and this being a new style licence the system came up with this LGV expiry date and thats it … great … thanks

My last D4 medical was in 2008 at age 50 and my next D4 medical will now be at age 60 with no 3 yearly eye checks

The photo is valid for 10 years but because of the LGV renewal it has been dated at 5 years

Anyone else come across this ?

Mines also dated 5 years I just put this down to the cpc card and tacho card exp and get a full new lot

The photo is valid for 10 years so on next LGV medical renewal it will still have 5 years to run so a new photo will not be required