Tests in May?

Other than Paul, who is on test on the 7th.

Who is starting training and/or on training this month?

Let us know and maybe our positive thought-waves will just give you the edge to make sure you pass. We can also keep well away of that area, just in case :smiling_imp: , to give you a clear run of course :smiley: .

(Positive vibes What is this, the Outer Limits :question: :open_mouth: :unamused: :smiley: :smiley: )

Hi Simon, i actually passed my class two yesterday, but i am going on to take my class one hopefully in last week of may if my licence gets back quick enough. i will let you know the dates when i get them confirmed, cause i could do with all the help i could :smiley:

I take it that you will have been welcomed to TruckNetUK by now, if not then welcome.

Congrats on your pass and the best of luck with the class 1 test.
Any luck with the nerve control?

Hi Simon,

yeah i just got myself into good frame of mind, it actually got better as i got into the test centre and after i got out of the yard it all just seemed to come together mate. passed with just five minors and the examiner saying it was a superb drive. :smiley: