HEEELLLPPPPP!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I am at present working on two projects… One is TruckNet UK’s holding companies annual report to its shareholders

and the 2nd is the next push for advertising income to keep this site free for you to use

As this sites main content is provided by you… I would like your input into both…

What is about TruckNet UK that makes it a good site for you, the professional driver■■?

Has TruckNet UK actually made a difference to your working life■■?

Why do you actually come here??

and any other thoughts…

This is YOUR chance to have your input to those who have put their money into this site… and those who might do so in the future

I found the site by accident when looking for a driving job a while back.
From that point of view it’s been extremely useful, either directly chatting with other drivers or via private PM’s. I don’t trust any employer or agency, but I DO trust another driver’s reference. From what I gather from other people on here, we all seem to agree on that.
I’m not sure how you could translate that informal reference-swopping into advertising revenue without being libellous, though.

You’ll always be able to flog some banner space, but I presume that doesn’t bring in enough.
Have you talked to advertising professionals? They’re not all pink-shirted pillocks with bow-ties. When I had a business and wanted to know something, I found that most people would give you an hour of their time for nothing, especially if you bought them a pint and a pie.

Think of it this way: as a siteowner, what is your greatest asset?
I’d say it was your database of members. Can you transform that database into something that delivers a revenue stream?
Do you know anything about database mining? Basically you find out as much as you can about people, with their permission, then target offers and promotions.
For example, there are quite a few regulars on here who fly a lot. I’d be more than willing to receive offers from airlines or travel companies if you could somehow negotiate a deal whereby TruckNetUK members got a discount on airline tickets. Sure I’d get a lot of junk mail, but I get that anyway, and if I could save 10% on my annual air ticket bill I’d be happy.
What do all members of this site spend money on?
Health care. Insurance. Holidays. Truck goodies. Computers and software. Carry on from there.

I suppose I come to this site to keep up with other parts of the industry. Find out changes to things I thought I knew and help the others in their new found freedom as a Truck Driver both new and old.

I would like to meet someone and possibly work with children! oops, wrong site

There is a need for some knowledge from those who do the job to be passed to the newcomers and some of us old f@rts. It also gives is a chance to have something in common and I spend my time looking for Trucknet Stickers.

Serious Discussion mixed with Humour, ■■■■■■ and Sadness.

Trucknet is Fun too!

Trucknet is now my homepage! Being employed as a TM and now back as a Professional driver it gives me a chance to convers with fellow transport professionals. Professionals that I would not have chance to change and swap ideas about the transport industry that we all work in.
Tips and advise is one of the ways, I believe that makes me a better professional.
Why do I keep on comming back? Well like driving for a living you are allways learning and this website is about learning…learning about other peoples ideas, ways and mistakes. For example the one thread that has taught me something was the “high speed blowout thread” It may even save my life because what it taught me was something I would not have done if I had a high speed blowout! so yes this website has helped me as a driver.

And for me its great fun!

how about checking into prices for things that members would buy through the trucknet team i:e
hats advertising the trucknet site badges etc.
how about trying to organise an annual meeting for us all where we can bring the family i for one do a lot of caravanning and would like to meet our fellow members.

I come onto this site to learn from others how we all tick, I have always thought of drivers as more than just drivers and this site has more than proved it…I like the idea that I can air my views on any topic that involves my vocation, ask for advise, and give out advise where it is asked for…guide other drivers when they have misguided ideas etc etc. It gives me somewhere I can vent my spleen when I’ve had a bad week, and gives me light relief when things around me are not so good. And finally it lets me know I am not on my own with all the problems this job throws at me

I come onto this site to learn from others how we all tick, … etc etc. … . And finally it lets me know I am not on my own with all the problems this job throws at me

That just about covers it for me as well Jimti. :laughing: :laughing:

how about trying to organise an annual meeting for us all where we can bring the family i for one do a lot of caravanning and would like to meet our fellow members.

What a good idea.Altough I don’t have a wobble box,I’m sure it could be done as a day thing where if you lived fairly close to the venue,you could be there and back in a relative short space of time.Sort of like a mini Truckfest,without the trucks.


The best thing about Truck Net, is the fact that its active, there are so many people on here, that not only does the number of new posts increase by the day, but also its diverse inits content.
Its HGV driver focused, but not HGV drivers only.

Trucknet is helping a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to drive a big US truck along the freeways of the US, and I’d never have found the contact details for getting this harvest work without Trucknet.
It’s invaluable. A wonderful site, well done Ricky.

this is such a cool site, its like a one stop shop for truckers everything under one roof. i personally have found it very helpful in my dream to become a fully fledged lorry driver. best truck website on the net by a mile!!! :laughing: :laughing: i have reccomended it to everyone i know that drives lorries :laughing: :laughing:

the mutts nuts another words

we will go with mutts nuts hey margate,jb :wink:

or we could of gone with the badgers nadgers :wink: :laughing: :laughing:

When I first came here, I was wondering what the hell the industry was all about. I learnt a grat deal from this place and still do - although the way I use it and the why has changed. It’s now a great place for a bit of banter, to discuss the issues that affect the industry and the driver in general and somewhere to unwind when everything’s gone pear shaped, you know that your not the only one that has had a ■■■■ poor day and that it doesn’t just happen to you :wink: . Others are in the same boat. I think the most important thing is that these “others” that I’ve never met have given me some excellent advice and some of them I now regard as friends. Sad I know, but their it is :laughing: :wink: . I’ll continue to come here because the place stimulates my brain and gives me a sense of community - I don’t feel I’m on my own in the big bad world of transport.