Tesco and waiting times

This morning I managed to accidently block my Tesco home delivery, the result has been astonishing… I caused a 10 minute hold up and they want £25 for every 15 mins of waiting. I called to complain and was told delivery is complex and works by slots, and the public dont realise how much transport costs, they make nothing from home delivery. And they then hit me with the demurrage regulations which they can apply, After an arguement with the area transport planner I was told there transport policy was too complex for the public to understand but with the cost of fuel, salaries and overheads they cant afford any prolonged waiting as this costs money and commercial vehicles need to keep moving to break even. After I told them what I did for a living before I retired they decided they didnt want to talk especially after asking why they dont pay demurrage at their RDC`s for waiting !!!

I wish every trucker who has been held up at an RDC does that :exclamation: :exclamation:

Imagine all the major supermarkets home delivery vehicles held up for the same amount of time that they held up a trucker :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
I am in a naughty frame of mind today :unamused: :unamused: :laughing: :laughing:

Ask for it in writing willie. so we can stick it in to them when we get ■■■■■■ about by them.
what goes around comes around. :laughing: :laughing:

get the home deliveries demurage in writing post it on here and everybody who is going to a tesco rdc can copy it and produce it at goods in, i wonder what reaction we would get

Have asked for a copy of there terms and conditions

Think tesco will go bust if every one charged them lol i know im in there 3-4 times a week and mostly between 1 and 3 hrs some times longer and alot of other trucks go in there from my company. My employer could afford a pay rise that way :laughing:

just had a look at the terms and conditions on thier website ( tesco.com/termsandconditions … m#Delivery) and this caught my eye

Delivery times will be agreed with you at the time of placing your order.

All goods must be signed for on delivery by an adult aged 18 years or over. Tesco follows a “Think 21” policy, so if the person receiving the goods looks under 21, proof of age will be requested. If proof is not available and there is no-one of that age at the address when delivery is being made, the goods may be retained by the driver. If we attempt to deliver your order to the delivery address as arranged with you but there is nobody at the delivery address to accept your order, the driver will leave notification of attempted delivery and you will need to contact our Customer Service Centre to re-arrange delivery (see below for contact details).

do you reckon if they turned up at your house and you stamped it with an “unchecked” stamp and then sent them a letter saing they had missed loads off you would get a good response. i dont think so!

and if they turned up ten minutes late do you reckon you could tell them “we’ll get you in as soon as a bay is free” and then make them wait for 2 hours?

They do pay demmurage for containers, infact they always do as they are pretty much all usless at unloading you in time, pallets or handball :unamused:

Demurrage has been about for donkeys years and its legal to charge it…

I was at Lidls the other day and unloaded my own trailer using a pallet truck in 20 minutes, i went to Tesco’s Hinkley and it took me 25 minutes to hand in a set of keyes :exclamation:

I was at Lidls the other day and unloaded my own trailer using a pallet truck in 20 minutes, i went to Tesco’s Hinkley and it took me 25 minutes to hand in a set of keyes :exclamation:

why did u hand in your keys■■?