Terex atlas high up model105.2

Hello, I am a new user for this forum . I have a fault in an atlas high up 105.2 . It burning the fuse f1 in the acm. I tried to figure out the cables to see if there is any short one but with no luck. I opened all the boxes like the one with emergency spot to see if there is infiltration of water but everything was clean . Can someone help or knows this type of problem? i tried to search for the wiring diagram of this truck but no luck. It seems that the positive signal of this acm in f 1 in shoting with the negative. can someone help please?

thanks a lot

know it’s a bit late replying to this topic but I’ve only just seen it :frowning:

I can’t help with the question but you would be better off posting questions like this in the “The UK Professional Drivers Forum (Interactive)” where you are more likely to get replies.