teleroute ?

has anyone out there used or does anyone use teleroute for european work?
i had a conversation with one of there office bods today, it sounded like a feasable thing to do o keep the wheels turning, or is it another one of these “every loads a back load rate !!!” or if it isnt someone will gazump the price anyway?
any info would be appreciated.
“BACKLOAD RATE !!!” i dont wear a belt any more, its more convenient for when there having your pants down!!! :angry:

I think you will find that Teleroute was used a lot at first and was hailed as a really good thing but gazumping became rife and as a result hardly anyone uses it any more.

The spaniards really kicked the poop out of it mate :cry:

it used to work well before the internet came along, teleroute restricted the amount of operators that could use it within a certain area (about 15 miles radius of the depot i think).
when the internet became the office tool they went live with that and of course they lifted the restriction on operators allowed access to it.
it isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, i have used it for uk work and it can be expensive if you expand your search area too much and all for nothing at the end of the day, it may show 15 loads available from the area you want at 10 am in the morning, you get 10 of those loads for free but if you want to view the other 5 you have to pay a small fee then if you look again at 1500 hrs it may show 18 loads from the same area but 15 of them you have already viewed so you have to pay again to view the 5 and the other 3 loads and none of them could be going your way.
imagine that you want a load from spain back to the uk but you don’t find anything in spain paying a decent rate, out of enquistiveness you have to look at all the loads available on the way home too, it can be very expensive with little or no return.
i would say that if you operate 100 or more trucks then it would be worth the price but for any less than 50 it wouldn’t be viable and you could probably manage better with a phone book of freight brokers and a list of who to do work for and who not, so this you have to learn through trial and error or word of mouth.