We’ve just found out that TDG have won the contract from Ryders to operate the Premdor contract where I work.

Can anyone offer any info on TDG? i.e, what are they like to work for, pay etc?

Cheers in advance

Total Disaster Group

If they are taking over the contract pay and conditions etc. should remain the same under T.U.P.E. (I stand to be corrected).

I think that they have to keep everything the same as per your existing contract for about 3 months.

Thanks for that. T.U.P.E has been mentioned at work, I didn’t know about the 3 month thing though.

We’ll just have to see what happens…


Like all depots TDG differ some good some bad but TUPE guarantees they cannot change your wages etc as long as they are your employer if it makes you worse off, its not 3 months its life.

If your on a higher wage than TDG drivers they cant decrease your wage if your worse off than TDG they could still leave you on the lower rate, although when I worked for them they were pretty good all round

Thanks for that Davey. We’re on £6.76 for class 2 work with Ryder, so they can’t really make us that much worse off!

I’ll see how the cookie crumbles when they take over fully next year, after all I am still in my first year as a class 2 driver (after 15 years PSV driving, which apparently counts for sod all as far as HGV driving goes) I will be taking my class 1 hopefully in Jan or Feb anyway, we’ll see what doors that opens up.