Tarmac rates

Anyone run tippers for tarmac tell me if there managing to pull £500+ a day?

I left the franchise schemes behind in 2018…and went independent as I was sick of all the stupid rules regarding the reserve fund… And what you can and can’t do regards working for other companies even if they had no work for you… Told us in 2013 that you MUST have a separate driver for nights and days… So even though they may not have any or little work in the day… You couldn’t then cancel. The night driver and do it yourself… As I wasn’t getting the work off tarmac I was subbing for other aggregate suppliers… So tarmac then withdrew my fuel card… You can’t win with them… They flood the quarries/plants with hauliers… So your fighting for the work… And I don’t know about tarmac… But Hanson and MQP have just cut the rates by 2.5% last week… As the fuel has dropped in price… I’d never do it again… But you can earn £500 a day… But some days that will include the night shift… So your paying out twice in wages!

A lot of people seem to have a lot of good things to says about breedons maybe I’ll give them a call! Do you run artics or 8x4s? I’ve run both but always on daywork of a small family owned quarry which has just closed could you give me any idea on the sort of rates these bigger firms pay how many loads you might expect to see out of them? Do you do your own work or are you subbying?