tarmac hotbox

would a 16 ton tarmac hotbox , used to transport tarmac from plant to job and keep it hot be classed as a special vehicle and mot , and lgv licence exempt
the way i read it is not , but cannot find a definitive answer :question:

I haven’t found anything definitive, but as the vehicle is used for the carriage of materials rather than actual road construction I would not think it would be exempt from the annual test or HGV licence.

If no-one knows the answer I’ll see if I can find anything more later though.

yes thanks , some are adamant its mot exempt and can de driven on a car licence , i do not read it that way either , thanks

I have a customer runs these - all MOT’d on O licence and Tacho’s used.

I believe some people consider it has special equipment permanently fixed to the back making it exempt most things - but AJ see it as a goods carrying vehicle.

Basically, my customer is just making sure he’ll always be on the right side of DVSA etc.

So, the answer is, seek legal advice :wink: