Tape measure anybody?

dailymail.co.uk/news/article … ng-A2.html

I was not aware that Vanesa Feltz had died.
Should get some peace and quiet on Radio Two now then.

That story’s a bit fishy I reckon.

Did you miss the bit about the (originally 50 foot) whale having had its head and tail chopped off before being transported? The head of a sperm whale accounts for about a third of its length.

Why no pic?

Projection markers?

Remember this gem from 2004? A decomposing 60ton sperm whale bursting open in the middle of a taiwanese city street. Yuk!



Imagine if the lorry had crashed.
999 ;What is your location and emergency caller,do you need police fire or ambulance.
“Hello,there is a whale blocking three lanes and has no head or tail,will need a bigger boat”
Operator moans to her work mate»“Very funny,pub chucking out time,bit early for the prank calls.”
No ,do not hang up,whale in the road,it must be lost or using a Snooper or Tom Tom.