Take a look at this

Since around 2000 this has been the front page of TruckNet UK, as you can see its looking a bit dated, well for those of you who are nostaligic screen shot it, because at some point next week its going. :grimacing: The back end content management system cannot cope with the traffic and has basicaly collasped :blush:

So what next?
We are going to use the tools available to us, create a new front page using the Roadtransport.com website content management system, the new front page will have daily updated news relevant to drivers, a list of the latest topics from these forums, Jobs !!! on the page updated daily. and links that are relevant to you
we also plan to to start adding the drivers truck tests that you may read in T&D as a permanent record online

But there is more…

We have in the planning a whole load of new features, non of which we could do with the old system. some work related tools and some simply fun as we get close to implementing them we will give more details.

But what about the excellant articles on the Insider
The insider will still be on line- but not linked, my next task is to move that content to a new software paltform, and then to steal from CM and T&D as much new content as they let me get away with :grimacing:

Is this the end of these upgrades?
Sorry but no… already in the planning stage or actually in developement we have a number of projects that will bring you information via an easy route, this does not happen overnight but they are on their way- in a time when our industry is cutting back we are bucking the trend and spending time and money to give you added extra’s

Change is never easy

The vast majority of users to this website has accepted the new format , we have adapted the site due to the valid criticism we recieved on a couple of issues, we havent finished bug hunting and we will continue to listen and make changes where we can,

WE dropped from 65,000 page views daily to 54,000 the first Saturday after we upgraded, we expected a 20,000 drop , the page views we have lost is by giving you the “mouse hover” feature. thank you for sticking with us while we went through this upgrade process

It hasnt been easy and all your patience is appreciated

Sounds like good news :smiley: :smiley:

All the best with the implementation, as one who has been in a similar position I know what it can do to the nerves! :confused:


I just link to the forum dont think ive ever looked at all the stuff on the front page or roadtransports site, I tend to try and get my info from official sites where possible but the forum on here is good to talk to some real other drivers.

it’s my favorite website bar none, well done for improving it.

Is the insider going to updated :question: mind you the membership is good …

“Our users have posted a total of 2435 articles
We have 40921 registered users”

yeah they are spammers but they cant post :slight_smile: The insider content wil be online but not linked from anywhere, It will be moved to a new platform-(thats the 3rd stage of this upgrade) once we move there will be a lot more regular content uploaded - its gonna take time we haven’t got stage one 100% right yet :unamused: :frowning: :neutral_face: :wink:

well if you dont need 'em pass 'em over here :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: