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Hi to all I would like to thank all and everyone for the photos, pictures and all types of information posted here THANK YOU. there is lots to read here as regards trucks etc; but not a great deal on trailers, and in the past we had lots of company’s in the UK building trailers, Pitt, Boden, Crane, York, Tasker, BTC, Scammell, Dyson, and many more would be nice to hear of more with photos.

Bill there was a thread on trailers a little while ago where most of the known makers were mentioned but you would need to search for it on the back pages. Cheers Franky.

There are countless threads on this forum about trailers and semi-trailers, if you look for them. For example I started one about ERF trailers. Here is the link to another recently started trailer thread:


Well “Trailers” were a very important part of Bewick Transport Services. I first got involved with trailers in late 69 when I acquired my second “A” licence from Coward Bros. of Sedbergh, I applied for a lift in ULW and managed to get 8tons, I had decided that articulation was the ultimate way forward even though my first artic would operate as a rigid but I had my eye on the future, all being well :wink: So Primrose Engineering offered to build me a “tandem 4” trailer utilising the front hub assemblies of the BMC Mastiff ( Which was the unit I was purchasing)and I could also use the normal 1100x22:5 wheel and tyre. The ULW of this combination was less than 8 tons so at 26 tons GVW we could carry 18 ton payload. Another benefit of this Primrose trailer with the slim Mastiff drums was the trailer brakes didn’t lock up the same as other tandem 4’s which used the narrow track double wheel axles. Cheers Bewick.

I’ve just bought a wheelbase drawbar ,it’s the best looking neck/ chassis I’ve seen on such a trailer .

Punchy Dan:
I’ve just bought a wheelbase drawbar ,it’s the best looking neck/ chassis I’ve seen on such a trailer .

Aye probably like the neck on our turkey at Christmas :wink: :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I used to deliver steel to Wheelbase Engineering. Yet another 2hour tip. Not handy if you’ve got twelve or fourteen drops per day!