Tachomaster is missing some days that I worked. This is week 5 on Livingston to cairnryan trunks which have been Monday to Friday with 2 Sundays. 4 random and inconsecutive days are missing. Why would this happen?

I use Tachomaster and I’ve never had this happen, I’d say it’s almost certainly a temporary glitch on their website although you could do the download again and see if that fills in the blanks. :question:

It gets downloaded at the end of every shift and knowing they pay from it, my tacho shows start to finish. I always manual entry the end of my last shift and start of new shift. I just printed off all the missing shifts from my new contract (week 5 now) and there must be around 14 shifts missing in that period. Some random, some are consecutive. This may explain why my weekly average has dropped 2 hours in 5 weeks when I am averaging 65 hours a week duty time :laughing:

If you are not set up as a full time driver, or if you were in a hired motor then you will not be on there.

Right click the date on calendar view

Click “Expecting Data”

Refresh or re-download card

apart from 2 shifts which were both older fleet vehicles, i only drive 63 plate DAFs which are fleet vehicles. i dont touch the hired trucks as this is a separate contract. we dont even fuel up on the same site as the trucks are kept