Tachomaster pro user wanted

Hello Guys,

I looking for somebody with good understanding of Tachomaster.

I currently on a long holiday and decided to do some extra work while on holiday.

My current employer and a company I will do temporary work for, both using Tachomaster.

Will the system warn my employer, if I will be registered to an other business 's Tachomaster too?

I know it will come up once I back from my holiday and download my card, but before that my registration to another business will be visible to my employer too?

You aren’t “registered” with tacho analysis software, nothing is going to pop up as an alert on A’s system if your card is downloaded on B’s system, each users analysis is independent of anothers - for GDPR reasons if nothing else.

However, there is a legal obligation for you to inform your main employer in writing if you plan to drive for another transport employer. They are entitled to refuse to allow it, if that is in the terms of your contract, and obviously breaches of contract are likely to lead to problems of a P-45 nature

Tachomaster will show driving/working elsewhere or something along those lines. I haven’t used it for some time now but it will say drove or worked elsewhere from memory with any data downloaded off the card that has not been overwritten. And cards can have a year or more of data on them sometimes.

As far as I understand it. See attached picture from leaving one job and downloading my card.

I believe that Tachomaster want each company to pay per driver per week or something. Therefore, what you do won’t populate across onto your employer’s system.

When the card is read by Employer A, data from work in vehicles belonging to Employer B will be displayed in full detail - reg number, odo reading, start/finish times, breaks, overspeeds… Everything.

But I believe OP understands that already, he’s just concerned about communication between different Operators who just happen to use the same analysis software.

The per-driver user-costs for the software do not limit the data analysis to assets of the operator paying those costs.

Fair enough but why does my tachomaster only show drove or worked elsewhere then? Don’t even think it shows reg or break etc just infringements I think? All downloaded off my card from when I left my last employer and started with my new employer.

Just curious as I assumed another companies tachomaster would only do the same.

Scrap that just found out you have to right click those days and select mark/clear expect data to see that data. Oh well every day is a school day as they say. Very time consuming to do each day so employers would probably only bother looking at days they wonder why there is an entry, unless there is a global setting to show all expected data.

Sorry but that is incorrect see Zac’s post and also mine now I’ve figured out how to get it to show data from my previous employer that was downloaded off my card.

simcor, not entirely sure, you may be right, however the new employer could also have selected to download backdated data. For compliance as regards analysis, I think a few weeks of data are required. There is nothing stopping an operator downloading information from previous work.

As soon as they download your card anything that is still on the card will be downloaded. Unless they have a global setting to only allow downloads from a particular timeframe. But when I downloaded my card at home it came up with everything from my card, previous employer and current employer. I could not see before any detail until I just found out how to see the data from a previous employer.

I can’t go back any further than the info that was on my card with my previous employer unless there is a way to sync it with tachomaster severs to gain access to anything further back not that I need or want to.

With Tachomaster, I don’t actually think so. Tachomaster charge £1 per driver per week. Companies don’t want to pay that if the data isn’t relevant. I think it is around 4 weeks that is required for a new starter. Yes, it is possible to download everything, but why would a company want to do that?

Some misunderstanding of costs there: The charges may be £X for X drivers for X time period, but that does not equate to charges per week of download every single download event.

If the TM downloads 4 weeks worth, then next week downloads four weeks worth again even though he already has three of those weeks, there is no difference to the bill, which will of course be monthly not weekly. A direct debit covers the number of drivers analyzed on the system, no further calculations than that are applied, the number of downloads are irrelevant.

As for relevance of data, it’s all relevant: My client is taking on a new driver next week, like any TM with an ounce of sense, the first thing I will do before he starts work is download the last four weeks of his driving. I need to know what kind of driver he is when someone isn’t sitting beside him on an assessment drive, it doesn’t matter who he has been driving for; but it matters how he’s been driving. It won’t make any difference to the overall billing, which be be charged as a “going forwards” deal, the important thing is how compliant he is on someone elses watch.

We all know drivers rarely if ever get asked for a reference from another employer, but that “last four weeks download”, together with an official DVLA licence check, is to all intents and purposes the only reference that matters.

I genuinely didn’t know it was a legal obligation.

I’m sure the PAYG pricing is £1 per driver per week of data except for weeks where there is not data to be analyzed. Pricing for business may well be different and 50p per head download per week.

I stopped downloading mine over a year ago so would be billed as far as I understand it for every week it has not been downloaded where there is data.

If Tachomaster bill like that then they are making a rod for their own back in terms of ensuring the bills are accurate. I know for certain the RHA (they use a branded version of TruTac) simply collect a direct debit monthly, and that is calcutated by the number of drivers the system shows.

How much will Tachomaster cost me?

You will be charged just £ 1 per week per Worker, if you wish to also download and store your vehicle data you will be charged 50p per week per Vehicle. If there are no times entered for the week for a Worker or Vehicle you will not be charged for that week

That’s what it says so to me that’s £1 per week for any data downloaded and not charged for any weeks there is no data, as far as I know it bills automatically monthly for any data uploaded since the last time. So if I downloaded my card now I’d have a years plus fees apart from the weeks there is no data like being on holiday etc.

Well, no of course not. If the data is already there, there is no further charge.

I personally think you are using the system for recruitment purposes when that is not what it is there for (ie it is not a reference system). Nothing stopping you and drivers can’t really object because they want the job, but there you go.

When I said relevant, I meant relevant to compliance (ie with the rules).

You can take individual words from my posts and extrapolate all you want, but you may find you are barking up a tree that is nothing to do with me if you do that. Just saying.

I don’t know a single other TM who does not use an initial card download as part of the process leading to a job offer.

thank you, So how is it possible when company B downloaded my card pulled off all my driver data from Tachomaster? They got mylicense number and CPC card number too/

Tha was myfirst day with Company B.

A bit strange

Your licence number is shown on your Tacho card and your DQC (the DCPC card).

But unless there has been a DVLA licence check done then then they won’t have all the details of your DL and DQC. I’d imagine a licence check to be a standard part of working for any Operator and you would have been asked to provide a licence check code, or sit beside them while they ran the check in your presence - unless they ignored GDRP and did it when you weren’t there, which they should not have done but I know many operators do this.

The data was/is stored on your tacho card

If it is downloaded to any analysis software it will then be stored there too - it’s not an either/or situation.

Going back to your original point about alerts popping up on systems: Company A will not be aware you’ve been driving for Company B until they download your card again.

Don’t focus on Tachomaster too much, there are many different software analysis systems out there and all will pull the same data from your tacho card: TruTac is my favourite, especially the RHA branded version (Xerxes client), there is also Aquarius (very popular), Convey (not one I’ve personally used), not to mention Descartes, Optac, FleetGo and many others